About Us

Accurate Test Equipments and Engineers was founded in 1984 by Mr. Prabhakar R. Ghatge, BE (Mech), DBM, who is the owner of this company. His total experience in field of Design & Manufacturing of Dynamometers and Engine Testing is more than 35 years. The Product range initially was few models of Sluice Gate water brake dynamometers Now over many years, the range of products manufactured is grown immensely, few of which are as listed below.

• Hydraulic Dynamometers Sluice Gate Type up to 1000 BHP
• Eddy Current Dynamometers Up to 720 Kw
• Universal Engine Mounting Test Beds 5 Sizes Full Engine Test Setups
• Volumetric Fuel Consumption Measuring Equipment
• Gravimetric Fuel Consumption Measuring Equipment
• Chassis Dynamometers with various Loading Options
• Computerized Test Setups
• Customized Test Rigs Such as Gear Box test rig, Electric Motor Test Rig
• Variable Compression Ratio Engine for Alternative Fuel Research (Patent Pending)
• PC or PLC based Automation for Engine or Electric Motor Testing
• Engine Combustion Analysis Systems
• and So on..... Many other innovative types of Equipment are in development process and will be launched soon
Other Information
 Installed Annual Capacity Water Brake Dynos - 40 Nos
Eddy Current Dynamometers - 50 Nos
Universal Engine Mounting Beds - 20 Nos
 Other Representations
ATEE represents M/S. Dynocom INC
For their state of art Performance Chassis Dynamometers
 Land & Building
Plot of 880 Sq. Meter (9295 Sq. Feet)
Built Up Area - 7000 Sq. Feet
 Technical Staff
Works Manager - 1 No.
Mechanical Engineers - 2 Nos.
Electronic Engineer (Service) - 4 Nos
Other Machinists and Fitters - 14 Nos
 Plant & Machinery
Lathe - 4 Nos.
Universal Milling Machine - 3 Nos
Universal Radial Drilling Machines - 3 Nos
Hydraulic Press - 1 No.
Compressor - 2 Nos.
Band-Saw Machine - 1 No.
Crane - 1 Tonne -1 No
EOT Crane - 1 Tonne - 1 No
Crane 4 Tonne - 1 No
Welding Machine - 1 No.
 Designing and Simulation for Products Solidworks Premium 2013 x 64 installed on HP Elite Book 8570w
Workstation Specially Designed by HP for Solidworks
 Testing and Validation Facilities 3 Engines are used for testing and validation of various capacities of Dynamometers
One Engine Has a Gear Box to check high torque capabilities of Dynos up to 1400 N-m at lower speed ranges such as
300 and 550 RPM
 Subsidiaries M/S. Metron Engineering - Since 2008
Engineering Products and Manufacturing of Test Setups

M/S. Tech Centre - www.techcentre.co.in Established - 2013 for
Extensive research In field of Alternative fuels
Providing Testing Services for Prime-movers
Prototype Development
Product Development

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Engine and Motor Reliability / Endurance Test Equipment
Containerized Test Cells
PTO Test Rigs
Alternative Fuel Test Equipment
Performance Chassis Dynamometers
Computerized Test Setups
Customized Test Solutions
Engine Test Setup Accessories
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